Volunteer at #CDMCurbside

Des Moines European Heritage Association (DMEHA) invites you to be a part of something great: CDM Curbside presented by Christkindlmarket Des Moines. Volunteers are integral to a successful community event. We need your help and we have several volunteer opportunities to choose from whether you are looking for just yourself or a group, indoors or outdoors. Be sure to include family members, friends and others who could join you to make it more fun!

For 2020, DMEHA has announced that it will change its annual in-person holiday experience to “CDM Curbside”. CDM Curbside will feature an online marketplace open Nov. 9 to 22, hosting several vendor online stores featuring unique holiday wares and edibles. After purchasing, customers can choose various drive-thru pickup times at Principal Park’s Main Lot from Dec. 3 to 6.

Pro Tip: Does your employer offer VTO (Vacation Time Off) that would allow you time away from work to volunteer. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!

Pro Tip 2: Some employers (Wells Fargo, for example) reward their employees for volunteering with a cash donation they can direct to the non-profit of their choice. The value of the donation is based on the number of hours volunteered.

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CDM Curbside will allow customers to pick up their purchases from multiple vendors at one place and time from the comfort and safety of their vehicles. Prior to pick up, vendors will deliver the customers’ orders to one location allowing volunteers to then group the orders together by customer. Vendors will not be on site for curbside pickup.

Shop the Virtual Marketplace: Nov 9, 12:01am – Nov 22, 11:59pm

CDM Curbside pickup day and time:
Thursday, December 3: 5pm – 8pm
Friday, December 4: 11am – 8pm
Saturday, December 5: 9am – 6pm
Sunday, December 6: 12pm – 5pm

Volunteer no-shows can cause great difficulties for the planning and production of CDM Curbside. We ask that you report on time and remain on task for the duration of your shift(s). All volunteers must be at least 16 years old when they report for their volunteer shift.

YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST: We will be following the CDC’s latest COVID-19 guidance. Face coverings are required, social distancing is encouraged as much as possible and volunteer managers will wipe down high-touch areas between shifts. Should you forget your face covering, a limited number will be available.

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Order Fulfillment – Sorter – Indoors: Vendors will ship or deliver customer orders to Principal Park’s Cub Club. Sorters will unpack the customer orders and place them on individual vendor tables alphabetically by last name. Each volunteer will be assigned to one vendor table to allow for social distancing.

Order Fulfillment – Picker – Indoors: Attention to detail is a must! Pickers will be provided a customer order pick sheet and assemble the customer orders from various vendors. The customer orders will be organized by customer last name on individual vendor tables.

Order Fulfillment – Checker – Indoors: Attention to detail is a must! The Checker works with the Bagger to confirm the customer orders picked by the Picker. The Checker writes the customer name on each bag and adds a few stickers. The Checker also identifies orders that are incomplete and escalates any issues to a Manager.

Order Fulfillment – Bagger – Indoors: The Bagger works with the Checker to confirm the customer orders picked by the Picker. The Bagger adds printed materials and ribbon to the bag and transports the orders to a holding area adjacent to the fulfillment area while organizing the orders alphabetically by last name by pickup day.

Transporter – Indoors/Outside: Transports fulfilled customer orders from Principal Park’s Cub Club Suites to Principal Park’s Main Lot using a hand cart and Caryall Utility Cart while keeping the orders organized alphabetically.

Production Set Up – Outside: Do you have an eye for detail? Work with a team to set up Christmas trees, assemble signage, hang stringed lights, decorate wooden vendor stalls, etc. **Some heavy lifting required**

Curbside Pickup – Traffic Controller – Outside: Stationed at the entrance to Principal Park’s Main Lot, the Traffic Controller will make sure people pulling into the Main Lot are CDM Curbside customers. If not, send them off with a friendly smile and a flyer for Christkindlmarket Des Moines 2021.

Curbside Pickup – Greeter – Outside: Checks in customers driving through the Principal Park Main Lot to pick up their online orders. Customers will be instructed to write their name and where they want their order placed (back seat or trunk) on a piece of paper in their windshield for contactless delivery. The Greeter will direct the customer to the shortest pickup lane and call ahead via walkie talkie to a Manager with the customer name and pickup lane.

Curbside Pickup – Stager – Outside: Collates customer orders and delivers to assigned pickup lane.

Curbside Pickup – Checker – Outside: This volunteer role needs to complete online I-PACT (Iowa – Program for Alcohol Compliance) Training. Attention to detail is a must! Once the customer’s vehicle pulls up to the loading area, the Checker will confirm the customer’s identity and tell the Runner which name to grab. If the customer ordered alcohol, the Checker will need to check an ID. The Checker will verify the order one final time and mark it as “Delivered”.

Curbside Pickup – Runner – Outside: The Runner brings the customer order from the staging area (adjacent hut) to the Checker for final verification and then places the order in the vehicle’s back seat or trunk.

Production Tear Down – Outside:
Remove Christmas trees, disassemble signage, remove stringed lights, remove decorations from wooden vendor stalls. **Some heavy lifting required**

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