German Taste | #CDM2023 Vendor

BySuzanne Hull

German Taste | #CDM2023 Vendor

Tell us about your business

We are 3 veterans, who love to cook.

What inspired you to get involved as a vendor at Christkindlmarket Des Moines 2023?

We were invited to CDM 2022 and had so much fun. Many of our customers are already familiar with our menu and were excited we came to CDM.

What products will you be selling at Christkindlmarket Des Moines 2023 and why did you choose them?

Curry Brats are a tradition in Germany at every Christmas Market, and it is our best seller. You can enjoy our Curry Brats and Bratwurst with a bunor Käse Spätzle (German Mac & Cheese). We use an original German Bratwurst. You can get one with sauerkraut or as a tasty Brat Reuben sandwich.

Anything else you’d like to share?

As a German Chef, I know that the number one German street food is ” the Currywurst”. In Germany alone, 800,000,000 are served annually. Come try ours during the market!

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