Food & Beverage

Christkindlmarket Des Moines 2022 Food & Beverage Vendors

An der Weihnachtsecke, Des Moines, IA

Shop the Christkindlmarket Des Moines store for your favorite European treats.

Offering: Advent calendars, truffles, Irish whisky fudge, Mozart kugeln, marzipan, liquor-filled chocolate, assorted holiday cookies, limited-edition Toblerone, Lebkuchen, stollen, stroopwafeln, clotted cream, shortbread, tea, Swedish lingonberry jam, German mustard and German honey

Price Range: $3 – $38

Pre-Sale: Bottles of Glühwein, 2022 Glühwein commemorative mugs and select merchandise.

Glühwein and Kinderpunsch, Des Moines, IA

Support Iowa European Cultural Connection, the non-profit that produces Christkindlmarket Des Moines, with the purchase of warm traditional Christkindlmarket beverages:

Glühwein (“glow-wine”, from the hot irons once used for mulling) is prepared from red wine, heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star aniseed, citrus, sugar and at times vanilla pods.

Kinderpunsch is a warm beverage made from cranberry juice, apple cider, brown sugar and mulling spices.

Offering: Glühwein, Kinderpunsch, various liquor add-ins

Price Range: $3 – $6

Pre-Sale: Bottles of Glühwein, 2022 Glühwein commemorative mugs, select merchandise.

European Imports and Iowa Craft Beer, Des Moines, IA

Support Iowa European Cultural Connection, the non-profit that produces Christkindlmarket Des Moines, with the purchase of various European Imports and Iowa Craft Beers. MENU CHANGES DAILY!

Offering: European imports and Iowa Craft Beers

Price Range: $6 – $7

Bratwurst Imbiss am Markt, Des Moines, IA

Support Iowa European Cultural Connection, the non-profit that produces Christkindlmarket Des Moines, with the purchase of a German-style Brat or Czech-style hot dog.


German-Style Grilled Bratwurst. This is a large, traditionally spiced bratwurst, produced by Edgewood Locker in Edgewood, Iowa. Served in a toasted bun.

Czech-Style Grilled Hot Dog. This medium-sized wiener with an all-natural casing, is made by Polasheck’s Locker Services in Protivin, Iowa. Served in a toasted bun.

Price Range: $5 – $6

Polish King, Des Moines, IA

Polish King – Chicago Style Fast Food

Offering: Polish, Polish with Sauerkraut, Currywurst, Gyro, Fries

Price Range: $5 – $12

Pickle Creek Herbs, Fairfield, IA

At Pickle Creek, we use the herbs we grow on our sustainable Iowa farm to handcraft artisanal olive oils and vinegars, soaps, salves, and balms using our own original recipes.

Offering: Herb-infused olive oils and vinegars (including the Apple Strudel White Balsamic we created especially for this event and the Prairie Fire olive oil that earned the 2019 1st Place Scovie Award for a Chile Oil), soaps, salves, salts, and balms that we handcraft ourselves using original recipes and the herbs and other produce we grow in our garden.

Price Range: $3.50 -$27

Chocolaterie Stam, Des Moines, IA

Explore Amsterdam by experiencing Chocolaterie Stam celebrates over 109 years of true Dutch history in making fine chocolates and confections. Experience our housemade Hot Chocolate, freshly prepared Stroopwafels, and our delicious chocolates.

Offering: Hot Chocolate, Fresh made Stroopwafel, Packaged Stroopwafel, Pre-selected Assorted Holiday Chocolates

Price Range: $4 – $46

L&L European Delight, Chariton, IA

Ukrainian/European style delicacyies and gifts.

Offering: Perogies, cheburekie, Pelmenie, cabbage rolls, Ukrainian/European chocolate candys,gift Items, poppy seed rolls.

Price Range: $4 – $20

Sugarplums Cakes and Confections, Altoona, IA

Sugarplums offers made from scratch Christmas Confections. We specialize in traditional German Gingerbreads and Cookies.

Offering: Made from scratch Christmas confections, traditional German gingerbread and cookies, Lebkuchen, Pfeffernuss, Spritzgebäck, Springerle, Gingerbread Houses, Sentiment Hearts with German sentiments, Cupcakes and Spicy Pretzels.

Price Range: $4 – $40

Ruhland’s Strudel Haus, St. Paul, MN

Delicious, hand-made, fresh-baked sweet and savory strudel and more!

Offering: STRUDEL (Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb, Reuben, Spinach Feta) Pulled Pork Sand. Pretzels, Hot Drinks, Cold drinks

Price Range: $8 – $10


German Taste, West Des Moines, IA

Offering: Original German Currywurst, German Bratwurst

Price Range: $5

Danish Windmill, Elk Horn, IA

Step back in time to our Old World Christmas market booth to experience an old fashion Danish Christmas. Featuring keepsakes for a lifetime. No Passport needed!

Offering: Scandinavian, Nordic, and made in Denmark Christmas items such as gnomes, elves, nisse, straw ornaments, cookware, glassware, stemware, books, sweaters, socks, shoes and prepackages foods and glogg.

Price Range: $1 – $350

Pre-Sale:, 712-764-7472,

The Bean and Leaf Mobile Café, Urbandale, IA

Offering: Coffee drinks, Teas, Cider, Chai, Jaarsma pastries and cakes

Price Range: $6 – $10


Comfort Food, Huxley, IA

Serving delicious food favorites to the Ballard, Ames and Des Moines area. We offer catering, food truck and carry out services.

Offering: Jägerschnitzel, Jaeger Schnitzel, Kaese Spaetzle, Champignons, Belegtes Brot

Price Range: $6 – $12

The Kringle Man, Elk Horn, IA

Danish baking with lite and flaky pockets of goodness is what you’ll find here. Kringle is enjoyed with family and friends when your having that warm and fuzzy feeling, HYGGE.

Offering: Danish Kringle, Danish Letters, Cream Horns, Krispies, Danish Pastry, Aebelskiver, Stroopwaffel, Danish Layer Cup

Price Range: $5 – $15

Fritz Toffee Company, Ames, IA

Fritz Toffee Company

Offering: Toffee

Price Range: $10 – $30

Sweet Treats, Jewell, IA

Offering: Roasted Nuts: Pecans, Almonds, or Cashews glazed with either Cinnamon or Maple

Price Range: $5

Swede Point Creamery, Madrid, IA

Swede Point Creamer’s Scandinavian Christmas. Locally produced goat cheeses, lotions and soaps, spritz cookies and Kringla. Come meet some of our “goaty girls” at milking time!

Offering: Goat Cheeses, Goat Milk Soap and Lotion, Krampus Socks, Apple Butter, Strawberry Jam, Knit Stocking Hat, Kringla and Spritz Cookies Christmas Decorations, Peanut Brittle, Mint Tins, Aronia Berry Jam

Price Range: $5 – $45

Pre-Sale: 515-231-5900,

Sticky Fingers, West Des Moines, IA

Offering: Sweet crepes: strawberry and cream, blueberry, dark chocolate raspberry and banana caramel. Savory crepes: egg white spinach and veggies with cheese, Steak Mushroom spinach with cheese, Bacon egg and cheese. Mediterranean crepes: caramelized onion and spinach olives and garlic w feta cheese

Price Range: $5 – $15

Meet The Team

Sable Joseph

Kayla Garvin

Marissa Johnson

Marty Boesenberg

Amanda Milloy

Tammera Pierson

Margaret Townsend

Dan Johnson

Mackenzie Dierks

Abby Kessler

Mike King

Tasha Jackson

Missy Mootz

Dave Cox

Suzanne Hull

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