Awesome to go to, a fine and fun event here in the city of Des Moines, IA!

Daryl Purscell

It’s a really fun and unique experience. The sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday season hit you as soon as you arrive. We’ve gone every year since it started and it’s really a tradition our family will uphold.

Zachary Kern

The first Christmas market that I experienced was in Gamla Stan in Stockholm Sweden. In the oldest part of the city, it is a magical place. I think in Des Moines the organizers of the ChristKindlmarket 2019 created a magical event in an unexpected part of Des Moines. Gemütlchkeit, hygge and all of those other words that express a friendly, cozy and festive venue. The food, the music, the special items to buy all made it very special. Can’t wait for the next one.

Doug Lewis

I don’t know what I liked most… gluhwein, spiced nuts, dancers. Such a nice event!

Emily Jones Behrmann

Great way to start the Christmas season. The booths, the food, the music, and enjoying it with friends – all wonderful.

Cindy Kail

Everything! It gets better every year! Thank you to everyone!

DeeAnn Walker-King

Amazing experience! Great food, wonderful and talented entertainment, and affordable and friendly little shops. Can’t wait to go back!

Shannon Lynn Watts

I attended the market and enjoyed it so much. The lines were manageable; the visitors were having fun; and the shops were a good mix of products. Very delicious foods to choose from as well as baked goods and sweets. I overheard a few people wishing for more music, and maybe performers outside. I can also see the event needing to be ready for larger crowds, and expanding because it is a really fabulous holiday event.

Anna Pham

My family and I traveled from both Northeast and North Central Iowa to attend. It was a great time for everyone and we anticipate to make attending a new holiday tradition.

Michelle Koons Gritsch

Bravo on a successful first year for Christkindlmarket! Having been to many Christmas markets in Germany, Christkindlmarket made me feel like I left Des Moines and stepped into a quaint authentic European Christmas market. From my perspective, everything worked extremely well from the awesome downtown location to the quaint Christmas-decorated wooden booths to the delicious Glühwein. Looking forward to greater things next year! (Visited Friday night)

Cinnamon Rost

The thing I always enjoyed the most about Christmas markets in Germany was the people: seeing old friends and making new ones! This definitely happened this weekend! Glühwein, Brezel, a light dusting of snow, lights, music, wonderful smells and getting some Christmas shopping done! All the hard work and countless volunteer hours paid off and now we have a solid starting point to grow!  The biggest thanks to everyone who supported this effort and made Christkindlmarket Des Moines a success!

Liz Härtel

I can’t believe this was totally put on by volunteers and sponsors! This definitely needs to be an annual event and I can’t wait to see how this expands over the years. I thought there was a nice variety of food vendors, the live music was great, and the atmosphere was so fun!

Kayla Crann

We went Saturday afternoon and loved it. It was packed, too. I’ve been to my fair share of Christmas Markets in Germany and the US and was impressed by the turnout and the whole set up. My favorites: the wooden vendor stalls, the music, running into people I know. I, too, am excited to see this event grow and become an annual tradition. Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors that made this happen.

Gabriele Albrecht

What an awesome first year! The music was great and the smell of roasting chestnuts was in the air. I love all the decorated Christmas trees and the wooden stalls looked so adorable. It definitely got me in the holiday spirit. I’m excited to see the market grow in the future! I’m so grateful for people who work hard to bring new events to Des Moines.

Andrea Metzler

Very sweet holiday market in Des Moines. Family-friendly, great location — excited to go again next year!

Rachel Formaro

What a great market! I can’t wait to see how we can grow and improve this event for the future. I had so much fun with all of the kids at KinderKorner and I hope they come back next year to see what else we can do! The food was tasty and there were plenty of warm beverages to help us keep the chill away. Thank you to all of the sponsors, organizers, & volunteers for helping to put this together!

Tasha Jackson

It was clear this event was a labor of love by all those involved in bringing it together. The location was awesome, and I’m excited to see this become an annual tradition.

Amanda Hull Holmgaard

Kudos to all the volunteers who put this together! I had a lovely stroll around the market on Sunday and wish I would have had more time to enjoy the food and drink. Can’t wait to see how this event grows in coming years.

Cassie Sampson

This first time market was great fun! I loved the huts, entertainment, food, variety of people, and of course, the Glühwein.

Carol Bailey Reimer

Great addition to Des Moines! It’s a fun and festive atmosphere. Looking forward to next year!

Jennifer Hampel

Great Event that will continue to get bigger and better every year. Das ist mein erster christkindlmarket. Sehr gut!

Larry Dillon