Silent Auction Tree Blog Feature: Waukee International Club

BySuzanne Hull

Silent Auction Tree Blog Feature: Waukee International Club

The Waukee High School International Club is eager to showcase “Deutschland 2020” at this year’s Silent Auction as they work towards funding a trip to Germany in Summer 2020.

Students in the International Club come together to enjoy the German language and culture while educating others and hope to spark an interest in connecting people to other cultures throughout the world.

The summer program arranges for students to stay with a family in Dortmund and go to a German High School to better understand the culture and use their knowledge of the German Language. They will also explore Berlin to continue looking into the theme of the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and engage in the German-American Friendship that has been a constant in Waukee.

“As the year of the German-American Friendship winds down in 2019 and the 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall happens, we want to make sure that students of all backgrounds are afforded the opportunity to travel and experience the World first hand,” explains Danielle Taha, Club representative.

The “Deutschland 2020” tree with feature bulbs and ribbons in the colors of the German flag – Black, Red, and Gold (Schwarz, Rot, Gold).  These colors are used to celebrate the unity of West and East Germany on the 30th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  The soft white lights are meant to shine a beacon for all countries that Democracy will prevail and unite the people. The German culture will also be highlighted using clear and pretzel ornaments to show their love of food and drink that reaches the hearts of all people. This theme also connects in with the Wunderbar Together – Year of the German-American Friendship as different cultures are explored in Waukee.

One hundred percent of the funds will go directly to Waukee Students raising money to attend the Germany Family Stay in Summer 2020. This will enable students the opportunity to continue their German Language and Culture learning in Dortmund and Berlin leading to lifelong learning of German Culture.

For more information on The Waukee High School International Club, visit their website.

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