Des Moines Refugee Support | #CDM2023 Nonprofit Partner

BySuzanne Hull

Des Moines Refugee Support | #CDM2023 Nonprofit Partner

Christkindlmarket Des Moines is pleased to partner with Des Moines Refugee Support as a Nonprofit Partner this year.

Des Moines Refugee Support and their team of volunteers will be managing a point of sale at the Glühwein Tent on Saturday and Sunday. All cash tips placed in their tip jar at their point of sale will go directly to their organization. The Iowa European Cultural Connection, the nonprofit that produces Christkindlmarket Des Moines, will also make a $500 donation as part of our partnership.

The mission of Des Moines Refugee Support is to identify and bridge gaps for refugee families, in particular refugee children, as they establish their new lives in America.

There are currently 26.6 million refugees in the World. 6.6 million of them live in refugee camps, which are meant to be temporary, but many people end up staying for decades. Less than 3% of refugees will return to their home country, and just over 2% of refugees will be officially resettled in a different country. Being chosen for resettlement is kind of like winning the lottery! Des Moines Refugee Support works to fill in the gaps for refugees who are chosen to make their new homes in the Des Moines metro!

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