#CDM2021 Gift Guide | Steinbach Nutcrackers

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#CDM2021 Gift Guide | Steinbach Nutcrackers

Use this guide to find gift ideas from “an der Weihnachtsecke”, our store at Christkindlmarket Des Moines.

According to German folklore, Steinbach Nutcrackers were given as keepsakes to bring good luck to your family and protect your home. The legend says that a nutcracker represents power and strength and serves as a trusty watchdog guarding your family from evil spirits and danger. A fierce protector, the nutcracker bares its teeth to the evil spirits and serves as the traditional messenger of good luck and goodwill.

For almost two centuries the Steinbach Nutcracker family has been producing fine wooden products. Today, Herr Christian Steinbach heads the family operation carrying on the tradition with his daughter Karla. Karla Steinbach, who is Vice President is being groomed to become the sixth generation to head the company. Together, they oversee product development and quality control at the factory now located in Hohenhameln, in the northern region of Germany.

Chubby Bavarian Santa, $138

This Chubby Bavarian Santa is a symbol of festive gifts. Packed full of gifts in his blue Christmas bag, he presents all of Bavaria with great gifts for young and old. With his dark red reindeer pullover, his pointed-large hat and his long white beard, he brings not only gifts but also the Bavarian costumes into people’s homes – and of course with handmade precision by Steinbach.

BBQ Bill, $138

Nothing beats a cozy barbecue with family and friends in the summertime. This BBQ Bill is the image of the grill master, who delivers freshly grilled sausages, a juicy steak or delicious grilled vegetables for everyone. Equipped with spicy sauce and barbecue tongs in his hand, he makes sure there’s happy faces at the dining table. The apron and the hat complete his look perfectly. A real hero over the hot coals!

Beefeater, $138

Supreme guardians of the London Tower: For the first time in history, a German Nutcracker heads the Beefeater. He is the head of the Order of the Tower of London and the bodyguard of the English Royal House and today as a tour guide to the world on the go. With a size of 12″ and his red and black uniform, he attracts special attention from collectors. Royal handicraft from Steinbach.

Birdy Snowman, $340

This friendly snowman offers the birds food and offers protection in his specially made birdhouse. In the arctic winter, he is the bird’s best friend. A romantic winter wonderland relationship for every living room. Handcrafted with great attention to detail – by Steinbach!

Limited 2000 pieces

Black Forester, $138

This nutcracker shows a traditional German forester. You can recognize him by his red black robe and the typical hat. He carries a detailed cuckoo clock and a decorated bar with him. The bearded forester is hand-made in the Erzgebirge.

Chubby Fisher, $138

Cod, salmon or walleye – no matter what fish lands on the plate at Christmas, this Chubby Fisher is well-prepared to catch his dinner with his net. Handcrafted with love and care in detail – “Made by Steinbach”

Chubby Oktoberfest, $138

O’zapft is! (Bavarian for “It’s tapped!”). A keg tapping is a common ceremony for the opening of a folk festival. The art of barrel tapping is to carry out this action in such a way that little beer is sprayed and the tap is driven into the barrel with as few hits as possible. The first barrel tapping may be performed according to old nutcracker tradition with this 31 cm high staff Oktoberfest nutcracker. Made in Germany with much love and care by hand.

Cozy Santa with Music, $360

This Cozy Santa is a carbon copy of his role model from the North Pole and walks through the snow with his big golden staff. Lovingly hand-crafted, and every little detail was taken care of in the production: from the embroidered hat to the high-quality clothes to the gift-filled bag at his feet. The typical, dark red clothing is complemented by the golden details and fits perfectly with his white hair and beard. In the gift bag, which our Santa has worn through the snowy landscape, all kinds of presents for the children are hidden: In addition to a teddy bear, a ball, a doll and a candy cane, is the matching Christmas music, which comes from the built-in jukebox playing “12 days of Christmas”. Simply perfect and 100% “Made in Germany”.

Limited 2000 pieces!

Gnome Skier, $138

This Gnome Skier is a true adventurer on skis. Surrounded by the magnificent mountains and ski trails of the Ore Mountains, it is perfectly equipped to discover the many facets of the wintry mountain landscape. With his self-knitted ski cap, he braves the cold winter excursions and retires in the evening to his cozy warm mountain hut, which looks like a Gnome out of the snow. Gnome-tastic and “Handmade in Germany!”

Goose Boy with Music, $278

Our Goose Boy is on a hike through the fields with two of his goslings. He wears a big hat and a cozy sheepskin vest. Equipped with his shepherd’s staff and light luggage he is on the way to a new adventure. Maybe the destination is your living room? He also brings along a music box from which “Ein Tag so wunderschön wie heute” sounds.

King Arthur, $198

Who doesn’t know, the story of Arthur, the great King of Britain, and his sword Excalibur, which he drew from a stone and made him invincible – from Camelot, his magnificent castle, or the mighty wizard Merlin; and, finally, the adventures of the Knights of the Round Table – Gwalchmai, Lancelot, Parzival, Galahad, Tristan, and others – who went in search of the Holy Grail, the chalice that Jesus used at the Last Supper and, according to legend, eternal youth donates. This “King Arthur” Nutcracker is with its 19″ a true legendary giant. With his red golden color combination, his magnificent golden crown and his legendary sword Excalibur, he is a true nutcracker legend. Handcrafted in Germany with love and care in detail – from Steinbach!

Midwest Farmer, $340

Farmers are among America’s greatest innovators and help feed, clothe and fuel a growing world. this new Midwest Farmer Nutcracker also stands for this innovation. He is wearing his big straw hat and dungarees. He holds his freshly harvested carrots in one hand and his rake in the other. At his feet is a wheelbarrow and a cow. Farming for the future. Handcrafted with great attention to detail – by Steinbach!

Limited 2000 pieces

Mountain Climber, $198

Attention: Avalanche! This Mountain Climber is the best alpinist in the world! The Ore Mountain friend is the first nutcracker to climb Mount Steinbach. With his well thought out and professional mountaineering equipment including an ice pick, rope and strong boots, he is prepared for any climb. His goal: to conquer the showcase peaks of this world. A handcrafted wooden art expedition in the high-altitude euphoria – from Steinbach!

Mountain Skier, $340

The Steinbach Mountain Skier is the first nutcracker of the new Steinbach – Mountain Series. It is strictly limited to 2,000 pieces and convinces with its high-quality workmanship and the carefully chosen details such as the leather drinking bottle and the hand-knitted cap.

The Mountain Skier was a pioneer of skiing in North America. After the Norwegian immigrant Martin A. Strand opened the first ski factory in America at the end of the 19th century, the conquest of the American mountains and the world-famous American ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains and Aspen began.

The mountain skier played a key role in this development. He explored the most far away corners of the mountains and has experienced countless adventures, which are still told today in the light of the campfires in the many mountain camps.

NC Guardsman, $299

The German manufacturer, Steinbach, is well-known for its high-quality, the loving details and craftsmanship. This nutcracker is completely made of oak wood and is finished with a steady hand in the Steinbach factory. The long white hair and mustache fits perfectly with the green and red colors. Equipped with lantern, helmet and spear, this nutcracker is well-prepared for his task and will be a nice and useful eye-catcher for you – not only during the Christmas time.

Old Mountain Trapper, $340

There is hardly a trade that has more real dangers than that of the trapper.

The North American trapper is active in the fur trade and on the daily hunt for beaver. He has roamed the most remote corners of the Rocky Mountains for centuries and explores the wild west. In the wilderness he finds his freedom. A piece of American history for every collector.

The Old Mountain Trapper is the third version of the Steinbach Mountain series and includes impressive details and extremely high quality workmanship with carefully selected accessories. After the Yukon Gold Digger, the Old Mountain Trapper takes you on an adventure into your living room.

Limited 2,000 pieces

Santa with Arch, $198

An illuminated arch makes the darker months so much nicer and therefore belongs with every traditional German Christmas decoration. Together with this German Santa you can illuminate the Christmas season. The interplay between these two traditional German Christmas decorations is one of the most beautiful and delightful Christmas decorations – handmade by Steinbach! The arc has mini LEDs and the engraved details with the Steinbach swallows. With its red robe and white wool collar, this German Santa refines the overall picture and is a true work of art for every Steinbach collector.

Soldier, $198

This 17″ tall “Big Soldier” belongs to the Royal Force. In the early 17th century, soldiers preferred a bat sword to stun their enemy quickly and effectively. His uniform includes wide-cut trousers and a jacket-like camisole with wide sleeves. Handcrafted and hand-painted in Germany, this wooden Soldier Nutcracker is a beautiful gift item.

Troll Bavarian Santa, $138

With a fur hat and gift bag, the 10.6″ tall Troll Nutcracker comes from Bavaria. He wears a typical Bavarian Christmas costume, ready to hand over the presents. He was decorated with great attention to detail and worked by hand in the Erzgebirge – “Made in Germany”.

Troll Black Forester, $138

A traditional resident of the German Black Forest shows this 9.5″ tall, bearded nutcracker with a thick white mustache. He is recognizable by his dark red robe and black hat. He carries a detailed cuckoo clock in his hands. Handmade with love and care in detail – “Made by Steinbach”

Troll King, $138

The title of the highest, secular ruler of the Steinbach monarchy, this 11.4″ tall “Troll King” is 100% authentic. As an authoritarian but cordial leader he is both feared and respected, by the citizens. He can be recognized in particular by his blue royal robe, the gold-blue crown and the scepter of pure gold. Handcrafted with love and care in detail – “Made by Steinbach”

Troll Oktoberfestler, $138

This 10.6″ tall Oktoberfest Bavarian Man with Beer is a German Nutcracker handcrafted by Steinbach. It is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Oktoberfest and classic German beer. He’s dressed head to toe in festive German garb from his feathered Bavarian hat to his green shirt with gold reindeer print and red Lederhosen. In one hand he’s holding a foamy mug of beer and in the other he’s holding a heart-shaped sign that reads “Oktoberfest”.

Tschaikovsky and his ballet, $258

This Tchaikovsky nutcracker represents the notes and most important characters of his most famous ballet ‘The Nutcracker’. In loving detail, each small figure is recreated in detail to the original. Tchaikovsky himself wears a white shirt and a chic suit made of premium-quality material. On the base next to the opera-figures is a superimposed keyboard. Everything 100% handmade “Made in Germany”.

Uncle Sam, $198

Probably the most famous advertising figure in the United States: Uncle Sam – a man with white hair and a serious facial expression. Like its great role model, this nutcracker “Uncle Sam” wears the typical national colors of the US: a dark blue jacket, a vest decorated with stars, and red and white striped pants. A special eye-catcher is the large US flag, which he proudly holds in his hand and a small Statue of Liberty, which is as detailed as the original. 100% handmade “Made in Germany”.

Yukon Gold Digger, $340

Since the 19th century, adventurers have been searching for gold in various regions. The Yukon River is well-known and popular for prospectors from all around the world. Today, they search with modern machines, but back in a pickax, shovel and gold pan were enough. This nutcracker proudly presents the yield of the last hours: Gold grains in his hand and in the sack behind him. Well-equipped for the adventure, he is dressed warmly in coat and cap with his drinking bottle, pickax and blanket. The dynamite at his feet will help him get to the valuable nuggets faster.

The Yukon Gold Digger is the second figure from the Steinbach Mountain Series impressive with its detail, the extremely high-quality workmanship and carefully selected accessories. After the Mountain Skier from the last collection, the Gold Digger from the American mountains comes to the collector’s home.

Limited 2000 pieces

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