Meet CDM Lead Volunteer Margaret Townsend

BySuzanne Hull

Meet CDM Lead Volunteer Margaret Townsend

I’m Margaret Townsend.  I’m a retired school teacher, grandmother, gardener and community volunteer.  I became involved with Christkindlmarket Des Moines during the initial planning time.  Suzanne Hull (Festival Director) was contacting local organizations and since I belonged to both the Sons of Norway and the Danish Brotherhood one call was to me.  

I met with her and a small group of other interested people to see if there was community interest.

I enjoy working with this dedicated group of young adults.  This group is innovative, energetic, and welcoming.  You will get a feeling of fulfillment if you join this group.  You may even make some new friends.

There is a job that is just made for your set of skills whether you are into carpentry, bar tending, retail sales, scheduling, bookkeeping, music, languages……well you get the idea. (I just thought of a few more: storytelling, dancing, cooking, decorating and dish-washing.)

Watch out this could become addictive!

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